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Production Design

When it comes to designing a set for a film or commercial, I always try to understand how the set can impact the story and what ways I can add depth to each scene. 

I believe the Art Dept is a team and we all work together to create each set. Developing a solid positive work environment I believe leads to a successful project.

Additionally, coming from an indie film background, I know how to stretch every dollar to get the most out of a tight budget. I know how to work within a budget and the impact each task has, not only within our department costs but scheduling man days etc. 

Production Design Features

2023 - Last Dollar - Director William Shockley - Independent Feature

2023 - Where Are You Christmas - Director Dustin Rikert - Hallmark Channel

2022 - Far Haven - Director Gary Wheeler - Imagicomm/INSP

2022 - A Nashville Country Christmas - Director Ashley Williams - Paramount

2022 - Untitled Anna Nicole Smith Documentary - Director Ursula Macfarlane - Netflix

2022 - Two Tickets to Paradise - Director Dustin Rikert - Hallmark Channel

2022 - The Warrant Breaker's Law - Director Brent Christy - INSP Network

2021 - Sugar Plum Twist - Director Eric Close - Hallmark Channel

2019 - Apple Seed - Director Michael Worth - Independent Feature

2019 - Eyes Upon Waking - Director Tim Zwica - Independent Feature

2019 - Legend of 5 Mile Cave - Director Brent Christy - INSP Network

2017 - Common Threads - Director William Shockley - Independent Short

2017 - A Mermaid's Tale - Director Dustin Rikert - Independent Feature

Commercial Clients


A Nashville Country Christmas
Paramount Network

This was a great experience filming in Nashville TN. I had a great group of local artists joining me on this project. The goal was to create a more realistic Christmas feel; more gritty, more true to reality. We also had some major elements that we accomplished in a very short period of time. 2 music video sets built with both virtual and practical elements, a 12 float town square parade, a hardware store from basically scratch and ending the week with the climax live stage performance in full Christmas beauty.

Two Tickets to Paradise
Hallmark Channel

This film for Hallmark Channel was a real treat. Filming on location in Hawaii, we utilized every element of design. We built an airport set from scratch, designed beautiful resort sets, transformed Hawaii into Connecticut and coordinated with several vendors for a farmers market.

The Warrant: Breakers Law
INSP Network

I love construction and this film I was able to really lean in heavy on that phase of Art. Filming at the iconic Mescal Ranch, many buildings required complete recalling in order to film. Every set received a full cosmetic lift and we built several elements from scratch including a vault door and train station platform.


Anna Nicole Smith Documentary

Taking inspiration from Anna's real life living spaces, we transformed a house into 8 unique spaces across 3 decades. We were able to create near matches with the actual rooms from her past all on an incredibly tight budget with very little time or crew.

Sugar Plum Twist
Hallmark Channel

Combining ballet, Christmas and Puerto Rico was the task for this film.

Often required to decorate multiple locations per day, this was a logistical feat always with an emphasis on making each shot magical. Our phrase on these films is "How do we Elevate." Always trying to make each set another level.